Accessibility for All …

Inclusion for everyone, regardless of ability, is a key focus at our centre. To ensure suitability for a wide range of disabled and elderly visitors, Carradale Bikes and Buggies have organised a range of less extreme trails that start and finish at the centre and will be graded according to rider ability, distance and terrain. Our Tramper and TGA Breeze electric all terrain buggies have a range of up to 30 miles (depending on terrain) and a top speed of 8 mph with ample battery power to complete these routes; with their impressive active suspension they will easily deliver a smooth and stable ride for riders using the trails. Our buggies have a choice of accelerator lever or twist grip and the seats swing for easy mounting and dismounting.

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We have produced a series of maps of recommended trails which are available at Carradale Bikes and Buggies for walkers, cyclist and also for our buggy users.

Carradale Forest Trails map


Trail maps are provided free with every hire or are available for purchase separately.


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