Forest trails

Discover Carradale’s forest walks which stretch from the shore through glens and fields. Why not join one of our walks with our resident flora and fauna expert? Look for different types of fungi, beautiful wild flowers, or perhaps watch the greater spotted woodpecker as it swoops from tree to tree. With a large variety of trees and shrubs, deciduous and evergreen, including Britain’s only deciduous fir tree, the beautifully green larch, many species of birds are able to make their homes on the branches or on the ground and often you can startle a snipe or a woodcock as you wander along the track.

Carradale forest trails

Or go it alone, remembering to take your camera, explore the trail climbing up to the top of Deer Hill, with stunning views across the Kilbrannan Sound to the magnificent mountains of the Isle of Arran.

You may catch a glimpse of a red deer, or one of the four other species of deer found in the forest, sika, roe, fallow or hybrid. Stand still, smell the pine trees, revel in the solitude, leaving your worries far behind.

Carradale forest trails

You can walk for miles without meeting another person. The Kintyre Way uses some of the forest walks in and around Carradale and you can choose short or long walks.

Carradale’s forest walks take in the beaches where in the clear sea water you can see an abundance of wildlife, with dolphins, seals, herons, swans and often basking sharks in and around the waters off the coastline. Carradale also boasts a herd of wild goats, and in the summer, Britain’s only venomous snake, the adder, can be found lying in the sun.

Carradale Forest Trails mapWe have produced a series of maps of recommended trails which are available at Carradale Bikes and Buggies for walkers, cyclist and also for our buggy users. Trail maps are provided free with every hire or are available for purchase separately.