Carradale, with its natural woodland heritage and forest tracks, is an ideal venue for geocaching. Searching for a geocache in the hillsA great way to see the countryside, get some exercise, learn navigating skills and use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, then have the fun of finding ‘treasure troves’ or as they are known, geocaches or caches anywhere in the world, it appeals to all ages. There are categories of activity for everyone, from disabled to extreme sports enthusiasts.

How does it work?

Geocachers leave a container, which can be small or large, at a place of their choosing. They then put the exact co-ordinates of their box on the geocache website. Other geocachers then go hunting for the box. A 21st century game of hide and seek!

Caches are not hidden in any built up structures and must not be buried. However they will probably be well hidden using natural materials such as roots or stones etc. Quite often the clues can be puzzling or ‘misleading’.

Here at the Bikes and Buggies, where we have GPS handsets, you too can search for our caches which are hidden in and around the forest trails.

Geocache container

Example of a geocache container

When you find one, don’t forget to sign your geocache codename on the logbook in the container, and your own logbook with the date you found it.

You are welcome to take one of the trinkets in the box and replace it with one of your own.

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